Month: April 2019

Best Places to Travel Alone for the First Time

The thought of visiting a foreign destination on your own for the first time comes with a lot of anxiety. However, that is a normal experience for beginner travelers. Chris Coker who runs a Glass company in San Antonio shared with me that one of the best ways to reducing the anxiety is choosing a destination with attractions and activities that complement your interests. Nevertheless, below are some of the best places to travel alone for the first time.


Iceland is one of the most sought-after travel destinations in the world presently. It boasts black sandy beaches, spectacular waterfalls, hot springs, lagoons, steaming volcanoes and other endless attractions. If you live in the USA, it will only take you about four hours by air to travel from Boston to Iceland. However, the roads are also generally good. The best time to visit is from late September to March.  


The self-proclaimed Land of Smiles is also an incredible destination to visit on your first solo adventure. Thailand offers a wide range of attractions including iconic monuments, historic temples, good climate, sumptuous cuisines, beaches, wildlife and tropical landscapes. Besides, it is also quite affordable and has a better transport infrastructure to make your trip truly amazing.  

New Zealand

New Zealand is another beautiful country that you should also add to your list. Some often say it is mainly ideal for travelers on working holidays but, the country has a lot to offer even for first time solo travelers looking to just have a great time. Some of the unique attractions in New Zealand include blue dolphins, glaciers, islands, lakes, hiking and seafood. Flights offer greater value but, there are also plenty of buses and trains that you can use to efficiently and affordably tour the country.

Apart from the destinations discussed above, there are other exciting places for first time solo travelers that you may also want to consider like Malaysia, Mexico, Germany, Ireland, United Kingdom, Japan and Canada.

How to Minimize Stress when Traveling

Travel has always been a stressful experience for some people. This can be attributed to heightened security checks at the airport and other factors. But, whether you travel for vacation, business, or to visit a loved one, there are things you can do to kick stress out of travel. Here are simple tips to help you minimize stress when traveling.

Plan Ahead

Make proper arrangements ahead of your travel time. Check the site of your airline to avoid wasting time at the waiting room in the event of changes in the departure time. Also find out what you should do to avoid wasting time while undergoing security checks. Additionally, consider booking a hotel room online instead of enduring the stress of finding a room upon your arrival.

Pack Smart

Pack only what you will need during the trip. It’s wise to pack early so that you can remember important things that you may forget when packing at first. What’s more, keep the items you will need at the transit in the carry-on bag and the rest in the checked bag to avoid being held up at the security points.

Put On Comfortable Attire

Put on comfortable shoes and clothes. Wear layers when traveling to cold climates. This will keep you warm in the plane and cold on arrival.

Take Care of Yourself

Get enough sleep before you travel and take vitamins. You can carry stress relievers to minimize the possibilities of falling sick when traveling. Additionally, eat well to avoid depending on in-flight meals or purchasing expensive food at the airport.

Leave Early

Leaving early gives you an ample time to find parking, going through security checks, checking bags and other travel aspects that tend to be stressful when rushed. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about missed flights when you leave early.

Be Positive  

Instead of thinking about the stressful hassles, see your trip as an adventure. Proper preparation and the right attitude make travel less stressful.

If you plan to travel, follow these tips to kick stress out of your trip.

How to Minimize Culture Shock when Traveling

Many people see traveling as a chance to expand horizons, learn new cultures, and enjoy new experiences. For some people, traveling is a chance to start a new chapter in life. However, some people face culture shock whenever they travel abroad. This is basically a feeling of disorientation for being in situations that feel unfamiliar. Nevertheless, it’s possible to minimize or avoid culture shock when traveling. Here are tips to help you minimize culture shock when you travel.

Follow a Routine

Come up with a routine upon arrival at your travel destination. A routine enables you to maintain your regular life’s aspects. This enables you to lead your life as usual only that you will be in a different place. Creating a routine brings stability in life despite being at a different location.

Be Patient with Bureaucracy

You are likely to deal with residency and immigration issues when you travel to a new country. However, being frustrated by bureaucracy issues won’t help. It will just ruin your travel experience. Therefore, to avoid frustration, accept the cumbersome bureaucracy at the new country while enjoying other aspects of your trip.

Be Positive and Open-Minded

Maintain a positive mindset and be open-minded to keep culture shock away. Essentially, avoid focusing on negative aspects of travel. If you focus on negatives, bad feelings will pile up in you and this will ruin your travel experience.

Keep in Touch with Family and Friends

You don’t have to abandon everyone and everything back at home when you travel to a foreign country. To reduce culture shock, keep in touch with family and friends back at home. These will act as your support system even when things get extremely difficult for you.

Avoid Stereotypes

Having stereotypes will worsen the experience. Basically, stereotypes are not true. They also do not represent the larger population of a country. To avoid or to reduce culture shock, avoid stereotypes when you travel. Instead, be willing to learn about other people to know the truth about them.

Follow these traveling tips to easily minimize culture shock when traveling.