Month: September 2022

Positive and Negative Effects of Travel

 Tourism is a great source of income as well as an economic boost if managed effectively. If not, it can as well bring a negative impact on the community. Both negative and positive impacts are based on subjective experiences of travel. So, we will take a look at some of these effects and what they could mean for society.

Positive Effects

Tourism brings about job creation to meet the demand created by tourists. The more tourism grows, so does the need to employ more people. Industries like transportation, hotels, and restaurants are greatly affected by this.

Tourism earns the country revenue. When tourists are managed well, they spend at local businesses hence boosting the economy. The multiplier effect concept states that if money is spent locally, most likely it will stay in the local economy. This can bring about positive impacts on an economy in the long run.

Beautiful natural landscapes are a tourist attraction. The need to take care of the environment and protect these sites increases to keep tourists streaming in.

Negative Effects

When tourism takes place in an area with inadequate resources it affects the area negatively. For example, large amounts of water will be required to sustain the tourists’ needs and this may affect the lives of the locals. Other resources like food and energy are also affected by unsustainable practices.

Tourism can encourage internal refugees. To make more profits, local businesses have displaced residents to create more room to expand and attract more tourists. This has led to the cessation of some communities and cultures.

Final Thoughts 

We should always keep in mind that tourism has great capability to transform and refine our lives as well as our wellbeing. So set good examples and consent projects that are significant to the domain.