Why You Should Take Your Honeymoon To Scotland

With its dramatic landscapes, castles, homely country villages, vibrant cultures and historic cities, Scotland has much in store for the tourists who make it their destination. It also has much to offer to the honeymooners looking for a nest to lay their romance after tying the knot. The following are the reasons why you should head to Scotland for a unique romantic experience:

Romantic Hotels

Scotland has more than enough hotels suitable for love-makers. The moment you step inside, you feel there’s love in the air. For a memorable honeymoon, you need a memorable hotel.

Take Bonham Hotel, for instance. It is located on a quiet street where no noise will distract you from the business of the night. The rooms are large, bright and airy. The decor is nice. The bed is a little hard, just what wise honeymooners should prefer. There are complimentary shampoo, towels, sheets, etc. The staff is warm and offers a kingly reception. The front parking is free.

There is also The Scotsman Hotel, whose rooms and the staffs are as nice; the food is good. If you arrive by train, there is a lift to take you up the reception so do not waste your strength on the stairs. Honeymooners should learn to preserve their strength for what lies ahead. Anyway you will have a wonderful stay, being helped by the professional and cordial staff. The breakfast is fast class. Another good thing about this romantic hotel is that it is located in the middle of everything where you can see beautiful sceneries.

There are other romantic hotels scattered in Scotland and ready to welcome you for a thrilling honeymoon.

Beautiful Sites to Visit

You will want to take a break from the dazzling hotels and celebrate your love out. Fortunately, Scotland is a city with many beautiful sites you can tour. There is the Edinburgh Castle, which is firmly on a hill. A section of the fortress was built in the 12th century. Tourists visit the castle in buses. You will enjoy the trip there, only be prepared to climb the steep hill.

The two of you will also love to shop along Princes Street for gorgeous clothes.

Great Picnic spots

You will also love to have quality time in the fields. A picnic for the two of you is one of the most romantic moments you will ever experience. Let a picnic mark this important occasion of your marriage. Picking a wonderful location is important and luckily Scotland has many spots that suits your need for privacy and quietness.

Sweetheart Abbey, founded in 1273, is one such place. First, it has a charming name that is a promise of what awaits you. There is a captivating, romantic story behind the origin of this place, as you will find out. It is a wonderful place to have your picnic, while whispering your future plans to each other.

You can also visit South Queensferry to have a picnic at the Forth Railway by its shoreline. It makes a striking backdrop. You will be mesmerized by the reflections in the sparkling waters.

Parting Shots

If you want to have the best of Scotland, time your wedding around July and August. These are the best-weather months and when there are several festivals to entertain you. Scotland has a broad network of trains and buses so getting around is easy. The currency used is the British Pound. Enjoy your honeymoon. You will love to return to Scotland for your anniversary.